Simone Parrish

Hopkins CCP | Global Repository Director, K4Health Project

Simone was the primary architect and content manager on the initial iteration of the Family Planning Training Resource Package site, before its public launch in October 2012. She continues to provide content management and information architecture strategic guidance and oversight.

Simone joined Hopkins CCP in August 2011, taking charge of K4Health’s web products portfolio. These products—including POPLINE, Photoshare, K4Health Toolkits, the Global Health eLearning Center, the website for Family Planning: A Global Handbook for Providers, the Global Health: Science and Practice Journal, mHealth Knowledge, and more—have been built at different times, on many different platforms. Simone's task on this second 5-year iteration of K4Health is to preserve and improve the quality and clarity of user experience on each product, while bringing them together into a more cohesive whole—what we're calling the "Global Repository." This approach aims to improve how K4Health meets the knowledge needs of people working in family planning and reproductive health worldwide. Functionally, this means Simone is plugged into everything which touches K4Health’s web-based and mobile products. She serves as the liaison between the front-end/user perspective and the back-end/developer perspective.

Simone has more than ten years of web, IT, and knowledge management experience, and more than twenty years of professional writing and editing experience. She came to CCP from a ten-year stint at Innovation Network, a Washington, DC-based nonprofit consulting firm that provides evaluation consulting, training, research, and online tools to nonprofits and funders. Her work there included writing, editing, knowledge management, database solutions development and management, publications design, print and web production management, and other general web, social media, and IT-related duties. She served as the primary liaison between evaluation consultants, web developers, and website users (over 20,000 users in nearly 100 countries).

Simone is an avid grammarian, a student of the uses and misuses of jargon, and a lackadaisical blogger. She has also been an energetic pro-bono tester of other people’s online tools and applications, most recently contributing feedback to ClickTimeZerista, and NPower’s Community Corps. She lives in Takoma Park, Maryland, where she aspires to become an accomplished container gardener.