Handouts - POPs

These handouts are for use as part of a training series based on the POPs module.

Job aids: The POPs Module includes job aids that describe how and when to perform important provider tasks—for example, screening checklists and job aids for explaining method effectiveness. Learning activities in the modules give trainees opportunities to practice using these job aids so they can more easily incorporate use of these tools at the workplace.

Counseling tools: The TRP for POPs activities can be used with a variety of counseling approaches and job aids. The term counseling tool in TRP materials refers to the counseling tool or job aid that trainees will be using. Examples include WHO’s Decision-Making Tool for Family Planning Clients and Providers, Balanced Counseling Strategy counseling cards, a REDI tool, or other approaches and tools. Facilitators should incorporate activities that enable trainees to use the counseling tool or job aids that they use at work (or will use after the learning intervention).

Games and activities: Most modules contain review games that are enjoyable ways for trainees to review module content. In addition to games, role plays, and case studies, TRP modules also contain other small or large-group activities that keep trainees engaged and enable them to apply new knowledge and skills.