Illustrative Module Session Plan - Family Planning Counseling

The session plan summarizes how the resources and documents in the module should be used to achieve the learning objectives. Each section of the session plan addresses a module topic, such as “What is Informed Choice.” The slides to be shown with each section and appropriate handouts are identified. All the module materials and resources are listed on the first few pages of each session plan, with links to the module files. The FP Counseling module is divided into six sessions:

  • Session I is on the basic principles of FP counseling including asking the trainees to reflect on their own attitudes about family planning and sexuality, discussing informed choice, a client’s right to choose a method, maintaining confidentiality, components of effective counseling, communication skills and how to help a client negotiate family planning use.
  • Session II provides opportunities to practice communication and counseling skills. It includes information on the stages of FP counseling, tools that can be used for counseling, how to help a client make an informed decision and how to help the client carry out his or her decision. Session II also includes information and practice on serving diverse groups and optional information and exercises on gender awareness.
  • Session III is an optional session. It addresses the counseling needs diverse groups and discusses how traditions or beliefs limit a woman’s ability to freely choose and use FP. It also contains additional scenarios for roleplay practice and an interactive review exercise (Spin the Wheel).

The Illustrative Training Schedule provides a snapshot of the breakdown of the module by day, time, and topic covered.