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Five Years of Growth

FPTRP: Website Traffic Grows Steadily, 2012-2017

Website traffic has grown steadily since the site launched in 2012. 

Work on the Family Planning Training Resource Package (TRP) began in 2010. This website launched in November 2012 with six modules in English. Since then, the TRP has grown to thirteen modules in English, all with available slides in French. Traffic has grown steadily along with our collection of modules. In its five years online, the TRP as a whole:

  • Has delivered more than 253,000 pages of content;
  • Has received more than 77,000 visits by over 61,000 people from more than 200 countries;
  • Has been used in trainings (that we know of) by practitioners in Afghanistan, Haiti, Nepal, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia (read more on the TRP in Action blog--and contact us to share your story!);
  • Has delivered over 51,000 individual file downloads, and hundreds of copies of the complete training package on flash drives at trainings and conferences;
  • Is visited by approximately 1,500-2,000 people every month.

Most Popular Downloads (2012-2017)

  1. Quick Start Guide
  2. Handout: Role Play Observation Checklist
  3. Games and Review Exercises to Reinforce Training
  4. Family Planning Counseling Session 1: Basic Presentation Slides
  5. Handout: Facilitating Role Plays
  6. WHO MEC Wheel (2015 edition)
  7. Handout: Role Plays for Family Planning Counseling—Six Scenarios
  8. Facilitator’s Guide to the Training Resource Package (Overall)
  9. Benefits of Family Planning Session 1: Basic Presentation Slides
  10. Graphic: Family Planning and the Millenium Development Goals


Beginning in October 2017, we will be publishing web traffic statistics for the TRP every month.

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