Important Note: The World Health Organization (WHO) released its revised Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use in September 2015, and expects to release revisions to the Selected Practice Recommendations for Contraceptive Use in 2016. Several TRP modules will be updated to reflect those changes once the new guidance is available. You may still use the existing TRP resources, but in the meantime, please consult the MEC Executive Summary, the revised MEC Wheel, or the full Medical Eligibility Criteria for important changes—particularly for hormonal methods.

For your convenience, we have created a brief presentation summarizing these updates.
Pour plus de commodité, nous avons créé une presentation de seize diapositives qui résume les modifications.


The Training Resource Package for Family Planning (TRP) contains curriculum components and tools needed to design, implement, and evaluate training. It offers essential resources for family planning (FP) and reproductive health trainers, supervisors, and program managers. The entire package is designed to support up-to-date training on family planning and reproductive health.

The TRP was developed using evidence-based technical information from World Health Organization (WHO) publications: 

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Latest Updates

  • Pathfinder International Uses TRP to Facilitate the Introduction of Jadelle in Afghanistan

    Peggy D'Adamo

    USAID Global Health Bureau, Office of Population & Reproductive Health | IT/KM Advisor

    I recently had an opportunity to interview Dr. Candace Lew of Pathfinder International about a trip she took to Afghanistan to work with the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) and UNFPA in November-December of 2013.

    Afghanistan is a country of 35 million people. It has a total fertility rate of 5.1 and a maternal mortality ratio (MMR) of 327 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births overall, but in rural areas the MMR rises to 417 per 100,000 live births. Currently about 20% of women in Afghanistan use modern contraception. The most popular modern contraceptive methods are injectables (7.2%) and pills (6%).

  • Evidence to Action Project Uses TRP in Tanzania

    Peggy D'Adamo

    USAID Global Health Bureau, Office of Population & Reproductive Health | IT/KM Advisor

    Workshop participants in Arusha, Tanzania, July 2015. Photo by Stembile Mugore.

    Workshop participants in Arusha, Tanzania, July 2015. Photo by Stembile Mugore.

    I conducted an Interview recently with Stembile (Tembi) Mugore, Senior Adviser for Performance Improvement at the Evidence to Action (E2A) Project. E2A focused this workshop on family planning counseling, but was also able to provide a general introduction to the TRP and give each participant a flash drive that contained all the TRP modules.

    Tembi and colleagues from the E2A Project organized a pre-service training workshop for nurse educators in Tanzania in July/August 2015. The workshop was planned and presented in collaboration with the Department of Human Resources for Health at the Tanzania Ministry of Health and the East, Central and Southern Africa Health Community College of Nursing (ECSACON). The E2A team also worked with ECSA before and after the workshop to build its capacity to support similar workshops and trainings in the future.


    Simone Parrish

    Hopkins CCP | Global Repository Director, K4Health Project

    UPDATE: The ICFP Steering Committee announced on Nov. 5 that the conference has been postponed; no new date or location has been set yet. A nearby volcanic eruption is disrupting air travel and creating health risks. We will post here when we hear more from the Steering Committee.


    The 2015 International Conference on Family Planning, taking place from November 9-12 in Nusa Dua, Indonesia, will include several opportunities to learn more about the Family Planning Training Resource Package. Conference participants can learn about the TRP at the Marketplace of Ideas, a hands-on workshop, and in the exhibit hall

  • Update on Adapting the TRP for Use in Rural Uganda

    In January 2015, we shared the story of how a team from the UK adapted the TRP for training at Bwindi Hospital in Uganda. The team returned to Uganda recently and gave us the following update on their work:

    Uganda and Family Planning