United States Agency for International Development


USAID advances and supports voluntary family planning and reproductive health programs in more than 45 countries across the globe. Since the launch of USAID’s family planning program in 1965, families are better able to feed, clothe, educate and provide health care for their children.

To achieve this objective USAID:

  • Exercises global leadership in policy, information and services.
  • Supports field-driven program design and implementation.
  • Provides comprehensive technical support.
  • Advances research and innovation.
  • Engages in high-impact partnerships.

USAID has engaged in strategic partnerships to improve donor coordination and country ownership for family planning programs and to collaborate on developing and scaling up the use of evidence-based resources and tools.  This training resource package is the outcome of our partnership with the World Health Organization, UNFPA, and the other organizations listed at right.