Checklist for Screening Clients Who Want to Initiate Contraceptive Implants

Contraceptive implants, such as Norplant, Jadelle, Sinoplant, and Implanon, are safe and eff ective for use by most women, including those who are at risk of cardiovascular disease, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV infection, or those living with HIV. For some women, implants are generally not recommended because of the presence of certain medical conditions, such as breast cancer or most types of liver tumors. Women who desire to use implants must therefore be screened for certain medical conditions to determine if they are appropriate candidates.

This simple checklist consists of 12 questions and provides guidance based on clients’ responses. The first six questions are designed to identify medical conditions that would prevent safe use of implants or require further evaluation. Clients who are ruled out because of their response to some of the medical eligibility questions may still be good candidates for implants if the suspected condition can be excluded
through appropriate evaluation. The last six questions enable providers to determine with reasonable certainty that a woman is not pregnant before initiating the method.