Fact Sheet: Contraceptive Implants

Progestin-only implants consist of hormone-filled capsules or rods that are inserted under the skin in a woman’s upper arm. Current systems consist of one or two rods.

Jadelle is a two-rod system designed to deliver a steady daily dose of levonorgestrel over a period of five years. Sino-implant (II) is identical to Jadelle but is approved for use over a period of four years. Implanon—a single-rod system—continually releases a low, steady dose of the progestin etonogestrel for a period of up to three years.

Norplant, which is effective for five years, is an older implant system with six rods that is no longer manufactured. Women who are still relying on Norplant will need to consider a newer implant system or another contraceptive method when their existing implants are no longer effective.

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