Séance I : Caractéristiques des implants

This first set of slides is for a training session that will enable participants to:

  1. Describe the characteristics of implants in a manner that clients can understand:
    1. What implants are and how they work (mechanism and onset of action)
    2. Effectiveness
    3. Side effects
    4. Non-contraceptive health benefits
    5. Possible health risks (complications)
    6. Other characteristics (STI/HIV protection, ease of use, return to fertility, when to initiate and discontinue)
  1. Demonstrate the ability to:
    1. Screen clients for medical eligibility for implants
    2. Explain to clients the insertion, removal, and follow-up procedures
    3. Explain when to return to the clinic
    4. Address common concerns, misconceptions, and myths
    5. Conduct follow-up for implant clients in a way that enhances continuing safety, satisfaction, and acceptance
  1. Describe when to initiate use of Implants (postpartum, switching from another method).
  2. Explain how to manage side effects.
  3. Identify conditions that require switching to another method.
  4. Identify clients in need of referral for implant-related complications.
  5. Demonstrate on anatomical models how to insert and remove implants.